Eternal Card Game set 4 Totems (screenshots)

Nathan storm set4totems ingame

The final textured and low poly implemented game assets

Nathan storm fire dragon

Firemaw Concept

Nathan storm firemaw zbrush

Crimson Firemaw Sculpt

Nathan storm primal skyserpent

Skyserpent concept

Nathan storm skyserpent zbrush

Skyserpent Sculpt

Nathan storm minotaur zbrush

Minotaur Sculpt

Nathan storm shadow shadowlands feaster

Shadowlands Feaster Concept

Nathan storm feaster zbrush

Shadowlands Feaster sculpt

Nathan storm time sentinelhand

Sentinel Hand concept

These were totems I concepted and implemented for set 4 of Eternal Card game. They are cosmetic environmental assets that players can purchase and display. They were textured as 100% unlit as to be mobile-friendly with any lighting information baked and painted into the textures.