Immortal Kings Kickstarter Lineup

Nathan storm pano full

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Nathan storm 33923875 1962958803728753 8630722543495413760 o
Nathan storm 34078459 1962958817062085 5148842567227408384 o
Nathan storm 33921847 1962958893728744 4097843466938089472 o
Nathan storm 33945639 1962958907062076 3649926855261159424 o
Nathan storm 33960767 1962958930395407 8219578544158670848 o

Here's a lineup of all the models I made for the Immortal Kings game Kickstarter. View the Panorama in full for the best view! I modeled all of these usinga combination of Oculus Medium, 3dsmax, and zbrush, and then keyed and 3D Printed them (This of course, is a render).